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Old 05-18-2010, 12:46 AM
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Default Seafoam Works

I had been using my ranger a lot lately. My big truck is doing tons better in mileage then my previous 6.4L Diesel... So my 6.7L is awesome, but even having that truck, and a 1997 Expedition, I still have to say I love my ranger the most, and have the most fun in it.

Recently though I changed my spark plugs... Ran some Motorcraft PM3 Carburetor Tune Up through the throttle body, and it seemed to knock a bunch of carbon loose, and cause my truck to spit and sputter even days after doing so. I changed the plugs after doing this, as well as the oil.

My truck seemed to be running good up until yesterday, I got in it to drive and I hope I am not jinxing myself now by writing this, but anyway it started miss firing real bad, and was having trouble even getting up to speed, the exhaust was spitting and popping and my engine light was flashing on and off.. So I stopped in at Autozone, had the guy read the code. It said "Cylinder 3 miss fire". I sit in the parking lot reving it up a few times, and the issue seemed to just disappear right along with my flashing engine light. The truck worked great the remainder of the night. Well today it begin to do it again, so thinking I got bad gas I bought like some stp fuel treatment, and two cans of seafoam.

I never was a believer in even the stp fuel treatment shit, or the seafoam until today. I seen a video of a guy doing this on a v6 mustang, I had previously been using a small vacuum line near the driver side that was easy to access, and my truck wouldn't do anything in terms of smoking, and even had been pouring it in the throttle body, but in this video the guy pulls the brake booster vacuum line off, and lets it drink a can of this seafoam. So I did this.
It smoked for a good 10 minutes, and not just white smoke, it smoked BLACK, and if you could bare the heat coming from it, as well as the spitting and sputtering it did, it would paint your hand black in carbon. I have no clue what this did, but after 5 minutes of black smoke, it turned whiter, and it begin to smoke a steady stream of white, it was bad enough that my neighbor thought my truck was on fire.... anyway it smoked white for a good 20 minutes, and was doing it while driving it a bit.
My truck is running smooth, there is no miss. It will roast the tires from a dead stop again, and now my exhaust has a much deeper tone, rather it cleaned my cats out, or what, but its louder then its ever been.... and I wasn't the first to notice. Only thing that annoys me still is the damn knocking sound every now and then I get when I start it, it appears to be random, almost like a lifter knocking. My old 79 F150 Explorer did this when the lifters needed adjusting, and the oil ports got clogged... I am going to try a different oil.

I have a question or two for anyone else who tried this. The transmission stuff? Does that work? Is it good to use in the transmission?

I was looking into Royal Purple, is that a good oil to go with? Is there any harm it can cause?
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Old 05-18-2010, 03:57 AM
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Default Re: Seafoam Works

I love sea foam pretty good stuff. Motorcraft also makes a version of it.
2005 Edge

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