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Old 04-25-2011, 06:39 PM
Mike1101 Mike1101 is offline
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Default Halo Headlights??

So basically I am looking to get the halo projector headlights.

I have seen a few people around FRF and love the look, but I do have a few noob questions.

1.) Are these headlights just compatable with the hid conversion kits? Cause It mentions that you just use the stock bulbs. (aka: do the leds inside the headlight just not work until you convert it?)

2.) The headlights look curved on the ends, thats not the corner light correct? Or does it replace both?

3.) If I dont get the hid conversion right away, will these headlights look bad with stock bubls?

Like I said, i'm pretty new to all this and just trying to spice up the truck a bit.
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Old 04-25-2011, 06:47 PM
joshawol joshawol is offline
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Default Re: Halo Headlights??

If they are the ones I have seen they have the corners built right in. I have heard mixed reviews about the hids in them. I have heard that you arent supposed to run hids in them cause they will melt but at the same time I have seen them being sold with hids in them so thats up in the air. I would suggest not to go any bigger than 35 watt hids. I don't think they would look super bad but you wont know until you know you know? As for the leds you have to wire them up. That will be up to you because you can have them on all the time or only when your lights are on or wire them to your turn signals lots of ways to wire those little leds! Hope this helps!
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Old 04-29-2011, 01:15 PM
boringwhiteranger boringwhiteranger is offline
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Default Re: Halo Headlights??

I have these exact lights. I wanted a black head light with a projector but I didn't have time or funds to do a real retrofit with the stock head lights. They are built decent by Taiwanese factory standards, the projectors are actually really tiny and have a funky diffuser to beam some light above the cutoff. It's kind of nice though, allows you too have a little more visibility. Mine were sealed well if you were wondering.

These use H1 bulbs NOT stock 9006. They look like crap with the halogen's in them. IF you want to use halogen before HID then get some 5000k whites in there, they come with crappy 4300k 55watters that run MEGA hot.

If you get a "HID kit" get the same one I did. I purchased the standard DDM raptor kit, 35 wattage, for color the 6000k is a nice blue-ish white but honestly 5000k would have been a better choice, 5000k bulbs produce high lumens and are bright white.

the ballast and wires with the DDM kit seem cheap but work great, I have no issues other than the passenger ballast acts up ever 1 out of 50 turn ons to where it wont turn on the bulb, I turn off the light and it comes right on the second try.

Also the lights take up and replace the stock ugly corners. You have to wire everything else. Also the halos are LED lit and are NO WHERE as bright as CCL halos.
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Old 04-30-2011, 11:32 AM
btm757 btm757 is offline
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Default Re: Halo Headlights??

The reason they say not to use HIDs in them is not because of heat its actually because the Projector Bowl and Internals are designed different in a Halogen Projector than in a HID Projector. And a Good Projector should not have light above the cutoff. that is the purpose of a projector, put the light where it is needed and not where you dont.

Dont get me wrong I like one piece headlights just not a huge fan of the performance reviews Ive seen in the past.
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