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Old 03-29-2011, 10:48 PM
dirtbagHB dirtbagHB is offline
03 white ranger FX4II
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Default Re: Maaco paint?

i sense a S**T storm bout to fly
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Old 03-29-2011, 11:19 PM
BrianR BrianR is offline
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Default Re: Maaco paint?

As the reciepant of a MAACO paint job I can safely say that you should save your money if you want the paint to last. Like said on page 2, there is little if no sanding, a layer of paint, and no clear coat (that I could tell). It does look wonderful for the first few months and I took the picture that is my avatar shortly after getting the truck painted. Now, a year and a half later, there are deep scratches, lots of scuffs from when I simply used a very mildly abrasive sponge to clean, and plenty of chips on the front bumper from normal driving. I wish I had left it stock black!

Granted, you did say it was for a prerunner, and as such MAACO would be a cheap alternative, however if I were in california like you are I would just see 4evermodding and take advantage of that offer!

-- Brian
1997 B2300, Expo buckets and center console, a bit of blue paint, and the dual ignition mod. Just over 80k Miles.
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Old 03-30-2011, 12:14 AM
Zable Zable is offline
Ford Pickup
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 116
Default Re: Maaco paint?

i would still be grateful for you to give me that offer i just thought u ignored me because its been awhile but i guess i shouldnt assume everyone checks it every day huh? haha
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Old 03-30-2011, 12:32 AM
doyouquaxu doyouquaxu is offline
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Default Re: Maaco paint?

i creeped on your truck in the CPP lot today cuz i got out of class early. that is a very unique color you got there
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Old 11-26-2013, 03:12 PM
gabobby gabobby is offline
Liking the Ford Ranger Forum
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Default Re: Maaco paint?

Wish someone lived close to me that would paint my truck lol
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Old 11-26-2013, 03:39 PM
TB-9862 TB-9862 is offline
"How hard could it be?"
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Default Re: Maaco paint?

Bough a powerdome hood and it was originally silver. I attempted to sand/prime/paint it myself and the results were terrible to say the least. The paint just wasn't taking the way I wanted, and I ran out of time at my work's paint booth. So I had to move it while not fully cured, leaving large hand imprints and smears all over the hood. It was in bad shape. I took it to MAACO and did the prime+basecoat paintjob and I was impressed enough with the results:

Day I got it back

about 2 weeks ago

The prep work and sanding smoothed it out very nicely, even filled in a few of the chip marks on the leading edge. Color match is perfect (I know its black but they did look up a specific Ford color number). Ignore the grille, I haven't gotten around to painting it yet lol
Dennis Brady

Black 2001 4x2 XLT Supercab 3.0 "Shadow" - WIA

Black 2001 4x4 EDGE Supercab 4.0 ('Body donor' for Shadow lol)

Build thread:
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Old 11-26-2013, 10:55 PM
gabobby gabobby is offline
Liking the Ford Ranger Forum
Join Date: Nov 2013
Posts: 18
Default Re: Maaco paint?

Truck looks good!
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Old 11-27-2013, 04:37 AM
ranger024x4 ranger024x4 is offline
dumpster fire
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Default Re: Maaco paint?

With Maaco, it really is a hit or miss type of thing. There are some really good ones, and some really crappy ones as well.

Ive heard really good things about my local one. I am actually going to take my mustang there in the next month or so. I plan on basically taking everything off (lights, mirrors, wipers, ect) and do all of the prep work myself.

also, they do offer both single stage and bc/cc paint jobs.

2017 Ford Fiesta ST
2014 Ford Escape Titanium Ecoboost AWD
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Old 11-27-2013, 07:33 AM
gcextreme gcextreme is offline
Sept. TOTM
Join Date: Jul 2011
Posts: 12,248
Default Re: Maaco paint?

This thread is over 2yrs
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Old 11-27-2013, 09:41 AM
Prages Prages is offline
Ford Ranger Driver
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Default Re: Maaco paint?

I had Maaco paint my front passenger side fender. I just took them the fender (brand new and already primered) and had them shoot the black and clear. It came out great, but it was also something like $170 for just the fender. It's been on the truck for about 6 years now, and it's holding up just fine.
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