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Old 01-18-2018, 12:07 AM
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Default Any Ideas for side mirrors?

Okay so I woke up Wednesday morning (1-17-18) after the snow storm and went to clean off my car. I started brushing the snow away from the windshield and I notice that the glass was shattered on my driver side, side view mirror. So I was thinking about upgrading it, rather than just straight-out replacement. My Ranger is a 1993 4 wheel drive with power mirrors. So I was thinking about maybe going on eBay and buying heated glass mirror element to go with it as well. But I don't know how useful that would really be. I also considered buying the mirror with the blinker in it. Again I'm not sure how useful that would be too. Then I remembered how I read an upgrade to puddle lamps by swapping mirrors, after the elbow, from an Explorer with puddle lamps. That I know would be useful to me. I started to look for used Explorer mirrors with puddle lamps. Does anybody know the range of the years that would fit my Ranger? I noticed that late 90s early 2000 explorers have the heated mirror options. I have no idea of those would fit or should I just forget about it all, and just get a direct mirror replacement for what I have..
OPINIONS would be appreciated

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Old 01-18-2018, 05:16 AM
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Default Re: Any Ideas for side mirrors?

"The Explorer mirrors don't fit the Ranger door frames, not a direct bolt on... However, both mirror assemblies share the same "key way". If you put the door windows all the way down, then fold the mirrors in as far as they will go, you should be able to pull directly up on them and they will come off the mount (part attached to the door). And fix the Explorer mirrors onto the Ranger mirror mounts."

I've seen random pics of this being done, if you could find a set in the JY, be an interesting follow up read.

If it were me, Id consider just going on Rockauto and getting a set of 06 mirrors for swapping and modify the bottom of them with a good flush mount LED in a flood pattern. I wouldnt necessarily opt for the "cheapest thing you could find necessarily but I dont think you'd be spending more than $10/20 for some good quality LED's that you could have come on with the dome light in a simple circuit..

I have dozen or so sources I could check but I need a base measurement of the mirror bottom and a depth factor to consider, especially if you're going to be needing to keep them functional and electric.
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