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Old 05-22-2014, 08:12 PM
mms1361 mms1361 is offline
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Default Scratch Removal / Quixx Scratch Remover

So I have quite a few scratches on my bed. They range from anything from scuff marks to light scratches to medium scratches to deep chips. I have tried other similar products as this one but not on this specific car..a 2000 ford ranger. The overall condition of my paint is very good. There is no oxidation or heavy swirls, the truck had been garaged for the 12 years before my possession. I do my best to keep my vehicle washed and tidy.Unfortunately over my ownership the truck has been receiving a scratch here and there since its a daily driver. That is why I looked online to see what the leading scratch removers were this time. This Quixx paint scratch remover system seemed to be the leading product with great reviews everywhere. I thought what the hell Ill give it a try. I proceeded to read the instructions and this is what transpired.
Here are the scratches on the bed
and here are the twig scuffs on the drivers side
Heres what comes out of the box [/URL]
The scratch i decided to tackle.(felt pretty much no "fingernail grab")
Apply tube 1
Buff buff buff away
Results after buffing
So up to this point i was sort of happy. As per instructions I am supposed to wipe away any remnants of tube #1 with a damp cloth to proceed to applying tube #2 for deeper scratches. So i wiped the area with a damp cloth as the area dried this is what happened.
Seeing this I went back to the (optional) approach of removing deep scratches. To wetsand with 3000 before applying tube #1
Wiped and dried.
Reapplied tube 1 buffed, applied tube 2 and buffed.
Wiped again with a damp cloth to clean out the work area..

So heres my .02 cents. As you can see im pretty much where i was before i spent $15 dollars and an hour of my time. I cant say im dissapointed with the product because i was already expecting it not to fix this. With all the "super awesome" reviews i was expecting this to be the new miracle in a tube scratch remover. So for my review ill say this, for the price youre better off buying any other "scratch remover" or cutting/polishing compounds. I also tested this in an area where there is 100% no clearcoat penetration. I brushed up against a 3 ft twiggy shrub during winter and it left squiggly scuffs on the clear. It did a very poor job of removing that as well. I dont know whats in this product and i dont really care. Whatever the compound is, it doesnt seem to be a very aggressive. I will give it an "average" mediocre rating of 3/5 stars. Feel free to share any scratch removing tips.

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