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Old 09-20-2012, 02:18 PM
knightmare1015 knightmare1015 is offline
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Default How To: Repair small dents & dings....

A friendly warning and reminder:
This for small dents and dings only. There's is no substitute for a truly professional body and paint job. Also please consult an ASE certified tech before starting this or any other automotive project. Also please be safe and use tools for their intended purpose.

I already have consulted multiple body shops in my area for a proper paint job and some dent repair and the price quotes that I got just for dent repair alone was insane. Now my truck still has to be repainted and I am still not finished with this project.

Here's the dent to be removed:

Nasty aint the word for this dent.

Here are the tools you will need for this project:

A dent/ding repair kit:

^I got this at a near by "as seen on tv" store. I will post my comments about this kit later on in the "conclusion" section of this thread.

You will also need some degreaser:

a dead blow hammer/rubber mallet:

a razor blade or utility knife:

Some glass cleaner:

And last but certainly not least some "touch up paint" (Which I still have to purchase ,sorry no photo of touch up paint) and some paper towels.

Step #1: open and exam the dent/ding removal kit and make sure that all of the components that are listed on the container are in the kit:

If there's anything missing out of your kit, now would be a really good time to replace it or get a better dent/ding removal kit from somewhere else.

Step #2: Using your dead blow hammer/rubber mallet, lighty beat the outer area of the dent back downward into its proper place or as close as possible (see note below the photo).

*note: This step is only if the dent or ding is near a distinguished body line such as the top or bottom edges of the doors, tailgate, fenders and/or bedsides.

Step #3: Clean this area with both the degreaser and glass cleaner. This really important that you do this because some contaminents such as road tar, tree sap, and bugs as well as dust and dirt can really cause the glue contained in the kit not to stick properly:

Step #4:Insert one of the glue sticks into the glue gun completely and allow it to heat up.

*note: The amount of time required for the glue to heat up really depends on the quality of the glue gun contained in your kit as well as weather conditions. A cool and dry day is ideal for this type of project.

Step #5: Apply a small amount of glue to the stud/bolt contained in your kit and not to the dent:

*note: More than one bolt/stud contained in your kit may be needed. It depends on the size of the dent/ding and what else came with your kit. Also by directly applying the glue to the stud/bolt contained in your kit will make clean up alot easier later on.

Step #6: Apply the stud/bolt found in your kit to the dent or ding and allow it to set.

*note: The amount of time needed for the glue to set depends on which kit you have and it also depends on what the weather conditions are as well. A dry, cool/luke warm day is ideal for a project like this.

Step #7: Install the dent/ding pulling device and knob to the stud/bolt you installed to the dent or ding in the previous step.

Step #8: Turn the knob on the device clockwise until you hear a slightly loud "popping noise".

*note: You may need to repeat this step for larger dents or dings. Also please be advised that as you turn the knob, it may become a little bit difficult as you get close to the end of the stud/bolt contained in your kit. This is normal and there's no cause for concern.

Step #9: Using a light touch, take your razor blade/utility knife and remove the excess glue from the area you have just repaired.

*note: Do not be alarmed if a few light scratches appear in the surface of the paint. If you don't dig into to it real deep, you should be fine.

Step #10: Repeat the cleaning process you did earlier (Step #3), rinse with cool water and dry it with a paper towel.

*note: Do not use a sprayer while rinsing and do not use a chamois to dry with because the sprayer can make the scratches worse and can also chip the paint. The reason I recomend using a paper towel is because your chamois may contain a residue that can affect the adhesive properties of the touch up paint.

Step #11: Apply the touch up paint and allow it to dry. I have not done this step yet for 2 reasons. The first is because my truck needs to be repainted as it is and the second reason is because I have not purchased the touch up paint needed for this step yet.

Step #12: Enjoy the results.

The conclusion: IMO, this kit needs to either be upgraded a little bit or they need to lower the price. This kit has just paid for itself in my case. The quotes I got from a paintless dent/ding repairman was $275 bucks for the dent I just repaired. The local body shop wanted a little over $320 bucks and that's just for repairing the dents and dings only. If you are in doubt about the paintless dent/ding repair kit, don't get it. Also beware of imitators that sell cheap copies of well known products.
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Old 09-21-2012, 03:35 AM
knightmare1015 knightmare1015 is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2010
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Default Re: Repair small dents & dings....

If there's any questions, please feel free to ask.
SOLD: 2004 Ford Ranger Edge 3.0 V6 5 speed
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