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Old 11-09-2009, 10:40 AM
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Default How To: Change the Color of Your Blue Oval

Discussion Thread: How To: Change the color of your blue oval

First you will need to get am emblem. The emblem must the two piece design. If you can get your fingernail between the outer chrome edge and the blue, then you have the right emblem.

You will also need:
Tiny flat blade screwdriver
Heat gun or Hair dryer
Razor Blade
180 grit sand paper
400 grit sand paper
Spray Paint (color of your choice)
Plastic-to-Plastic Adhesive

Next take a heat gun or hair drier and heat the back side of the emblem evenly to soften the glue holding the emblem together. Be careful not to melt the plastic.

After the emblem is good and hot, care fully stick a small flat blade screwdriver between the blue and the outer chrome ring, and begin to pry it apart. Do so slowly so you dont break the inner part of the emblem, but dont go too slow or the glue will cool and the chrome lettering will peel off the back.(it helps if you take a razor blade and slip it between the two pieces to slice through the glue)

When you get the emblem apart, take some 180 grit sand paper and sand the back side of the emblem until no blue is visible from the front side. Dont worry about sanding the lettering or border off, it is recessed into the plastic, so it wont come off. After all the color is sanded off, you can take some finer sand paper and smooth it up a bit.

The emblem should look like this when you are done sanding. Dont worry about how frosted it looks when you paint it you wont see it.

Tape the front side of the emblem off with masking tape, and spray the back of the emblem with what ever color spray paint you chose. Do multiple light coats to get even coverage.

Once the paint is good and dry (time will vary depending on what type of paint you used) take some JB quick or your favorite plastic-to-plastic adhesive and glue the newly colored emblem back into the chrome backing plate. (if you use a dark colored adhesive be sure that you had good coverage with your paint or the dark colored glue will show through.)

Now you can install your emblem and enjoy.

You can also change the color of the lettering if you have access to a sand blaster. Follow the same procedure to separate the emblem, but instead of sanding the back side, lightly sand blast all the color off in including the chrome in the recessed lettering and border. (you may need to dig the glue out of the lettering if you sand blaster isnt knocking it out already)

After you have removed all the color from the emblem, tape off the front and paint the backside of the emblem and the chrome backing plate with what ever color you would like the lettering to be.

Once the paint is good and dry, take some 180 grit sand paper and sand the backside of the emblem until only the color in the recessed letting and border remains.

Now you can paint the back ground the color of your choice. The rest of the procedure is the same as before. Wait for it dry and glue it back together.

here is a side by side comparison

- 1995 Ranger XLT 4.0 4x4 2.5/4.0 Hybrid M50D BW1354M-
35" Dick Cepeks on Black Steelies, 8" Lift, Ext. Radius Arms, 64" Leaves w/ 2" Shackles
One peice shaft, WARN Manual hubs, Earl's SS Brake Lines, 31 Spline L/S 8.8 w/ discs
Back Rack, HD Tailgate & Front & Back Bumpers, 6 130w KC's, 2.5" exhaust
Memphis 1100D amp, 2-Memphis 10" S-class Subs
==>Build Thread<==

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