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Old 08-17-2009, 05:18 PM
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Default How To: Install aftermarket back up lights

Written by Mykhael Hayes (Stl)

Please direct all questions to the author

Discussion Thread: How To: Install aftermarket back up lights

Tools/Equipment needed:

  • Set of lights
  • Longer bolts/Nuts if installing with hitch 5/16 18x2 are the right size
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Extra wire roughly 5'
  • 2 Self taping screws.
  • Wire Cutters
  • Scotch lock (or T-tabs, or the splicing method of your choice)
  • Different On/Off switch if you dont like the one it came with
These are the lights for this install.

- Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices

If you have a hitch you will need longer bolts. The bolts supplied with these lights are to short because the hitch interferes.
New bolt on left supplied bolt on right

Replace mounting bolts that came with lights as follows.

Remove side mounts with phillips screw driver.

Pull lens out.

Pull out bolt and replace with new bolt. Replace lens and side pieces.

Here is where the hole to mount the lights are. From behind and under the truck.

Stick bolt up through hole place the plate that came with them over the bolt and screw nut on till the light is nice a secure.

Repeat on Passenger side. You can adjust them accordingly so they aim down or up which ever you prefer

Once both lights are secure. Decide where you want to ground them on the truck I picked the hitch. You can either drill 2 holes to ground it or use an existing bolt to put it under.

If you drill holes. Drill out the hole with the drill bit on both sides first.

Use wire strippers to strip off coating on wire and place your wire looms on each black wire.

Once both wires are ready to secure use the drill to screw in the screws or a screw driver and do by hand.

No take the supplied blue wire. Connect the passenger side into the wire coming off the back of the light. Stretch it over to the Driver side. Be sure to zip tie it up or run it behind things so it is not hanging down.

Connect the passenger side into the white wire. Connect the driver side into the white wire.

Now run the white wire down the frame rail toward the front of the truck. Keep it tucked up on the rail if need be use zip ties to secure it to other existing wires.

Once you get to the cab of the truck. Take and Cut the end of the white wire connection off. about 4' back.

Now use a butt connector and splice the white wire you just ran then splice the end of your extra wire. Connect both ends together.

Continue running your new wire to the front of the truck.

Open driver door and remove floor trim piece and kick panel.

Pull back Carpet/Vinyl Floor and you will see a large rubber bushing.

Remove bushing. You may need a flashlight to see wire coming up through the hole.

Stick a shop light over the hole you removed the bushing from and crawl under the truck and you can see where to run the wire through

Once wire is up through the hole pull till wire under truck is nice and tight.
Replace bushing.

Now is where you need to decided where you want your ON/OFF switch.

I put mine on my center console by the driver seat.

Once your spot is picked out run wire to that location.

Open up passenger door remove floor trim and passenger kick panel.

Take the wire supplied with lights that has the in-line fuse and strip off the one end.

Pull a fuse any fuse you want and use a fuse tap to slide into the fuse slot

Now run that wire to your switch location.

The wire going to the fuse box will connect at the bottom The wire you ran from the back of the truck goes on top.

Before securing switch place keys in ignition and turn to accessory. Test lights to see if they work.

If installing new toggle switch drill appropriate size hole. Stick toggle switch in from behind. Place the supplied nut to it and tighten.

Finished results

2005 Edge

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