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Old 12-14-2009, 08:37 PM
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Default How to: Rear disc brake conversion for stock Ranger rear end

Discussion Thread: How to: Rear disc brake conversion for stock Ranger rear end

Mod: Rear disc brake conversion on stock Ranger rear-end

If you are wanting to upgrade to rear disc brakes but don’t want to swap to an inferior explorer axle setup, this is the mod for you.

Okay, this mod is only for the 28spline axles. Meaning it WONT fit if you have:
  • 2002 FX4 Off Road
  • 2003~2007 FX4 Level II (but NOT FX4 Off Road)
  • 2008~2009 FX4 Off Road (only when equipped with the "XR8" option - Torsen diff/31-spline/4.10 ratio).

Meaning, if you ARE NOT in the list above or have NOT swapped its corresponding rear axle under your truck, you can do this swap.

Installing 94-04 Mustang rear disc brakes onto your stock Ranger rear end is nearly a bolt on affair and very easy to preform.

Upgrading to Mustang brakes give you nearly endless possibilities in pad and rotor choices compared to Explorer rear ends. Additionally, with mustang brakes, the parking brake is over 9000 times easier to hook up than with an expo rear end. You also get the benefit to keeping your rear end if you have already invested in gears, lockers, or any maintenance (all of which you throw out with an expo swap). You also don’t have to weld on spring perches.

Within the Mustang rear disc brake conversion are two options. You can use GT/V6 or Cobra brakes. The GT/V6s are 10.5inch solid rotors, whereas the Cobras are 12inch vented rotors. Obviously, the Cobras would be ideal as they are higher performance. Also note that you may have clearance problems if using 15inch wheels and the larger Cobra brakes.

To start off with, you need to obtain all of the rear brake parts off of a 94-04 Mustang.
The parts you need to get are:
  • Calipers
  • Rotors
  • Pads
  • Caliper brackets
  • Anti-moan brackets (optional, some don't use it)
  • Dust shield (optional, most don't run them )

Here is a picture of the Calipers:

Here is a picture of the caliper bracket (the one you have to modify):

Here is a picture of the anti-moan bracket:

Here is a picture of the rotors:

(vented Cobra rotors:

Here is a picture of the dust shields:

The next step is to remove your stock rear drum brakes.

Now, you will need to modify the caliper bracket in order bolt it to the inside of the axle flange.

Here are pictures in order to show where you need to cut to bolt the caliper bracket to the inside of the axle flange:

After you have modified the caliper bracket, you simply bolt it onto the axle flanges. However, after modifying you will need to bolt the Left bracket onto the right side, and the Right bracket onto the left side.

You can now slide on your rotor, attach the anti-moan bracket, and bolt the caliper up.

Now you need to run a soft line up to the caliper. I went with stainless steel braided lines and bent and flared new hard lines. The Ranger’s hard lines have a 3/16 tube inverted flare fittings so I have to get adapters to go to an AN-3 (the size on my SS braided lines). Then at the caliper end, it went to a 10mm banjo bolt.

You can kind of see the brake lines here, but its a pretty easy thing to do:

If you don't want to run braided lines, you can use stock mustang soft lines, and bend your stock hard lines forward so it isn't in the way.

I also replaced the frame-to-axle soft line with a stainless steel braided:

Now you need to hook up the parking brakes. This step is cake. Simply insert the cable through the hole in the caliper, and attach the ball end on the spring of the caliper. Now, slide back the protective cable outside and measure the distance to the caliper. Now cut some 1/2inch copper pipe. See the picture for clarity…you’ll see how it works.

Now you need to bleed the brakes and bed them in and you’re done!

Here are my finished product:

***In this write up, I installed the 12inch Cobra brakes onto my truck. It works great and i love it!

***This write up only works for the 28spline 8.8/7.5. If you have a 31spline FX4 axle or explorer axle, you can use this caliper bracket from Currie:
Currie Enterprises Racing Rear End Categories
2001 Ranger.
2.5l of passionate fury.
Big brake upgrade.
Cobra wheels
Hurst Equipped.

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