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Old 07-26-2010, 05:05 PM
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Default How To: Clean MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor)

Written By: STL

Discussion Thread: How To: Clean MAF (mass air flow sensor)

You should clean your Mass Air Flow Sensor every time you change your air filter or clean your reusable air filter.


Some older model MAF are different design then the one in this How To. The Process is essentially the same.

Here are what some of the other MAF designs look like.

On this style remove the 2 torx screws and remove MAF from housing.

The Part marked in yellow is what you will be cleaning.



I am showing how to clean a MAF on a truck that has a aftermarket intake. Same process is used for a factory intake.

Tools Needed:
  • CRC Mass airflow cleaner
  • T-20 torx bit
  • Adjustable wrench or box wrench for battery
  • Paper Towel

MAF cleaner can be bought at any auto parts store. DO NOT USE ANYTHING ELSE

Step 1:
Remove Negative battery cable.

Step 2:
Locate your MAF Sensor.
It will be located on the intake tube. Just to the right of the air box.
Factory Air Intake Setup.

Aftermarket intake

Step 3:
Remove electrical connector.
There is a clip that needs to be compressed then you can pull the connector out.

Step 4:
Remove Sensor
There are just 2 T-20 torx screws holding it in

Be Careful when pulling it out. They can be damaged pretty easily

Step 5:
Clean the sensor.
Lay sensor on a paper towel

Inside the opening is where the "sensors" are Spray it really good. I usually Spray it for 3 seconds then wait a minute. Then hit it one more time. Let it dry for about 10 minutes before reinstalling.


Step 6:

Reinstall in reverse order. Do not need to torque the screws down. Just get them snug.
2005 Edge

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