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Old 05-30-2010, 06:19 PM
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Default How To: Taurus E-fan install

Written By: areyouforcereal?

Discussion Thread: How To: Taurus E-fan install

Before I start I have to say that there are many options and ways to install an electric fan , this is just my way and after several changes over the years this is my final setup, and seams to work the best for my needs. I know my wiring and install does not look pretty. It can still look good if you take your time and hide wiring to do a clean looking install, I just didn't have the time, nor did I care, as long as it works.

First you'r going to need the right parts before you get started. You will a cooling fan from an early model Taurus (mid 90's), or as i recently found out some Lincoln's have them as well. A search through several salvage yards should get you one for around $30-$60 depending on where you go. here is a picture of an old one that i had to replace.

You will also need a switch with two on positions, and an off position, 2 continuous duty solenoids, like the ones used in winches, ( Do not use the ford starter solenoids, they are not rated for continuous duty and will burn up.) Also need are an assortment of diff. sized electrical connectors and some electrical tape. As for wire I have found that the fan draws a lot of amps, and anything smaller than 10 awg. will melt.
Some metal strapping material and some small bolts are used to mount the fan, and can be found at any home improvement store. That pretty much covers it for parts, you can figure out what tools you need as you go.

Step one: Remove you clutch fan. There is already a how to on this, so I'll skip to step two.

Step two: Drill four small holes in the fan shroud or use the existing holes. There should be a hole at each corner. Cut four pieces of metal strapping about 8-10 inches long, and bolt the strapping to the fan shroud. make sure to use lock nuts or lock washers, to keep them from loosening.

Step three: Place the fan against the radiator and position it as close the center as possible. Make sure that the water pump pulley isn't going to touch the fan motor, and the wiring harness is facing up. Bolt the other ends of the strapping to the radiator using the holes in the top and bottom of the radiator. Make sure the fan is tight and secure against the radiator. Trim off any excess strapping. It should look something like this.

Step four: find a good location under the hood, and mount your solenoids. I mounted mine to the plastic right in front of the hood latch.

Step five: Wiring the solenoids, to the fan. The fan has two speeds, so one solenoid will control the low speed, and one will control the high speed. First you will need to label the wires on the fan harness. There are 3 wires, the ground wire is Black, the High speed power is brown/yellow, and the low speed power is brown/orange. If you wire harness has diff. colors you will have to do some trail and error testing with jumper wires. Just remember that the High speed wire is larger than the others. Run a wire from the High speed power to large terminal on the side of the high speed solenoid. Repeat the same for the low speed.
Next run a wire from the fan ground wire to the battery ground. Now there is one large terminal left on each solenoid, first run a wire to connect these terminals to each other, then run a wire from one of those terminals to the battery positive. The only terminals left on the solenoids now are the 2 small ones on each one. Connect a wire from one of these terminals on one solenoid to one of the terminals on the other, then run a wire from one of those to battery ground. I know this might sound a little confusing so I drew up a wiring diagram.

Edit: you might want to add some inline fuses to you power wires. I never have and haven't had any problems, but fuses are the safe thing to do.

Step six: Find a good spot inside the cab and mount your switch. I mounted mine on the bottom right, below the steering wheel.

I added indicator lights to the switch, one for low and one for high.

You will need to feed power to the switch, I chose to tap into the radio's power supply, that way the fan will not keep running when the key is turned off. Connect your power supply to the correct terminal on the switch. (usually the center terminal.) Then run wires from the other two terminals thru the cab and under the hood. Connect one wire to the remaining terminal on you high seed solenoid. Connect the other to the remaining terminal on your low speed solenoid.

Step seven: Test your work. Switch the fan between high and low speed, and off, to make sure it is working properly. I have found that most of the time the low speed is all you need, but have switched it to high speed just as a precaution, on 100 degree summer days, while sitting in traffic. The high speed will draw a lot of amps, so if you have it on high at night, it will dim your headlights at idle. The low speed should not cause your lights to dim, except for a brief second when you turn it on.
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