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Old 05-28-2010, 08:13 AM
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Default How To: Install New Spark Plugs 4.0

Written By: Vrod21

Discussion Thread: How To: Install New Spark Plugs 4.0

Get six plugs from you favorite auto parts store. I'm not going to tell you what type of plugs to get, I'll start a war in the comments section. The 2003 Ford Ranger owners manual shows a spark plug gap of (.052 - .056 inch). You'll also need:

Lug wrench
5/8 deep well socket
Socket wrench
2" extension
6" extension
12" extension
24 pack of band-aids
antiseptic ointment

To start break the lugs free on front passenger side wheel (don't take them off). Jack up the front pass wheel and secure with a jackstand. Remove lugs and take pass front wheel off. Remove dust cover in the wheel well. Access these plugs through the wheel well. Now on the the good stuff.

I'm starting on the passenger side because it is harder than the driver side. Remove plug wires from each plug. (pinch and pull, hard). Here is a pic of the three plugs on the passenger side with the wires removed.

Towards the front of the passenger side of the engine is the first plug to remove. Slide the plugs socket on, then the 2" extension, then the wrench. break the plug free. Remove wrench from extension and use hand to loosen the rest of the way. Replace with new plug, tighten by hand until snug then torque (1/16 of a rotation) with wrench.

Now move one plug back towards the firewall. Use plug socket and the 2" extension. Do the same, break free with wrench and loosen with hand. Remove and replace the same way.

Now for the last plug on the passenger side you'll need to change your technique. Use the plug socket only, not enough room for the extension. Break free with the wrench. Then slide you other hand up there and use a finger to hold tension on the socket so it doesn't spin back and forth as you unscrew it. This will take awhile, not a lot of room to move the wrench. I was unable to get my hand up there to unscrew it without the wrench so this technique seems to work best. Remove and replace with new plug. Do the same thing, screw it on this the wrench. Little by little. ( the pic is deceiving, there is not much room)

Reattach the wires.

Now, done with the hard part. Replace the wheel and remove jackstand and the jack. The driver side plugs and by accessed from the engine bay.

The first plug I removed with the plug socket and the 12" extension. Replace with new plug.

I did the second plug the same way. Replace with new plug.

For the last plug I used the 4" extension, it is a little cramped but not nearly as bad as the passenger side. Replace with new plug.

If you did the plugs too.

(Cylinders are numbered from front of the truck to the firewall)

The engine is:
Passenger side:1-2-3,
Driver's side: 4-5-6.

The coil pack is:
Firewall side: 1-2-3,
Front of truck side: 5-6-4

Hope this helps!
2005 Edge

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