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Old 03-30-2013, 01:12 PM
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Default Re: speedometer, odometer, and dome light are not working

At this point im willing to just find a replacement cluster at the pick-n-pull if the relays dont work as rwenzing mentioned. The sad part is ive only put just under 4k miles on it since I bought it last July and it just turned 100k miles. Thats nothing in the world of automobiles and its already showing its demons..[/QUOTE]

Well, at this point we're not so sure. We kept putting a new fuse in the #26 spot and it kept popping it. So my mechanic thought it maybe the speedo cluster, we waited 15 weeks for a new one, finally got and now (before he puts that $400 speedo in there) found it to be GEM module. Pray that isn't it. It's been a nightmare from the get go. I have my truck at the dealer now because they are the only ones that have the tool to diagnose it. Course they had to dig deeper into the system thus digging deeper into my pockets. As it stands now I'm into the dealer for $400, my mechanic $400 (he's not charging me for his labor of 3 days. he's just awesome.) and the GEM modular is going to run me $300. I"m absolutly at a loss as to why it took the dealer 4 hours to diagnose it. Hopefully they'll fix it on top of that charge. but something tells me not to hold my breath. Honestly if it ends up being a stupid stripped speaker wire, i'm going to loose it. But I don't think that's the case. These GEM mods are a real problem on these trucks. Do a search on GEM modulars and just take a look at all the comments. Really this thing should have been recalled. But I guess that's how the dealers make the money. Make a tool that only they have and throw in some crappy electronics. Seriously I"m done with this truck. I don't have enough money to keep throwing at it. And with all this stress of not knowing how much this is going to end up costing me, my eyelid has not stopped twitching since this all began.

Good luck dude. I hope it's not your GEM Modular. I have 62000 miles on a 2003 XLT. It shouldn't have gone this way.
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