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Old 08-29-2010, 05:13 PM
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Default Viper Alarm going in

So this is kind of going to be a mini build thread with a few questions.

Here's an overview of my plans (prices include shipping, these have already been bought):
-Viper 5901 (ebay, $221)
-DEI 507M Digital Tilt Sensor (ebay, $31)
-DEI 520T Backup Battery System (ebay, $22)
-DEI 506T Glass Break Audio Sensor (ebay, $19)
total so far: $307

DEI=Directed Electronics (same company that owns Viper)

What I am wanting to do is put the tilt sensor inside my toolbox, that way it will go off in the event my toolbox is opened or lifted off the truck (although it stays locked and bolted to the truck...) as well as if the truck as a whole is lifted up. The only issue I see here is if I needed to take off the toolbox, maybe to rock the topper for a while. I just figured I could get some quick disconnect thing in there though, and maybe just velcro the sensor inside the toolbox, or in the event I remove the toolbox I would velcro it into the topper or under the bed rail. Would that be a problem? using heavy duty velcro of course.

I am not installing this. I have a very trusted car audio place in town I have done business with before, and this is not an install I want to screw up. They install viper alarms, so it should not be a problem for them. Thinking I might save the tilt sensor part for myself to do since it's not too hard but still something I want done a certain way. Now I haven't specifically discussed pricing on the install, but in their shop it saids $380 for the alarm, $589 installed, so that would be $200 for the install (assuming my little extras won't cause extra charges)
Does that seem reasonable? I believe that must cover the cost also of the interface unit on the Ranger for the autostart function to allow starting without a key in, which I'll let them provide, but should I expect to pay much extra for my extras installed?

So hopefully my truck will be protected if:
-Glass is broken
-Battery is disconnected
-Truck is tilted/lifted
-Toolbox is opened/lifted out
-Also not sure what normally activates the alarm, just being unlocked like from inside or reaching through window?

Any things to watch out for, let them know when installing, any comments or suggestions? I didn't get the proximity sensor or the voice box because i didn't feel I needed them, the voice box is cool but it's fairly expensive. Also did not get the window roll up/down box haha seems like overkill...
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