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Old 08-07-2010, 03:18 PM
animaljosh animaljosh is offline
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Default maybe someone has the answer... (interior lights)


So, I picked up a 96 Ranger XLT yesterday. Got it for a good price and had to take it home. She is not the prettiest truck, but could be a lot worse and drives great. Unfortunately I have found my first issue and can't seem to find the fix.....

My dash lights will not work. (before anybody gets mad I did do a search and read quite a bit on the forum before posting. looks like lots of folks have a similar issue, but I didn't find the answer yet...) All the other lights do. here is what I have notices so far:

my instruments (fuel, temp, oil pressure, etc) do work. Some of the dash warning lights do too. (seatbelt, battery, some others I can't quit remember but would be happy to tell...). My radio lights do not, except the time/channel display. The light on the headlight off/parking light/headlight on switch is ON when in headlight off position. When I turn it to parking or headlight on it goes out. The dimmer/rheostat has no effect on anything except when rotated completely to click it will turn on the cab/cargo light. I have checked all fuses and see none bad. I even replaces #7 (illumination switches?) just in case. I have removed the dash, fuse box, instrument cluster, and headlight switch and dimmer looking for obvious problems with none found. The wiring looks completely unmolested. I took apart the dimmer looking for obvious problems but nothing there.... headlight switch too.... Been online hours looking for the magic answer and now I'm here.....HELP!!!!

any insight is appreciated, even what you would consider obvious. Won;t hurt my feelings.....

PS-what is the technical official name of the dimmer? I can;t seem to find a replacement for sale anywhere. I'd replace both switches if I had too, though they are rather expensive, as they seem to perhaps be suspect
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Old 09-08-2010, 10:10 PM
Melbob1156 Melbob1156 is offline
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Default Re: maybe someone has the answer... (interior lights)

Just off the top, it sounds like ground problems. Start under the hood and clean every ground you can fine. They may look clean but can tarnish to the point they don't conduct. Inside the cab, look under kick panel, behind radio on firewall. Cleaning these may also fix problems you don't even know you have.
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