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Old 08-16-2018, 01:39 AM
rogerranger2122 rogerranger2122 is offline
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Default speedometer not working & I think temp gauge

I have a piece of garbage 2000 ranger 6 cylinder 4 liter which is ruined by rust. It would be a great truck if it weren't for the rust but I can barely work on anything without rusted bolts rounding off and needing to be grinded into a square to get a wrench on it. The frame is cracked from rust so I gave up on maintenance basically. I am getting rid of it soon. I has a failed inspection sticker because I think the whole exhaust pipe disconnected from the engine but simply 2 bolts to tighten to fix it would be a nightmare and can't reach the spot easily to grind bolts into square and use blowtorch to loosen. It has an EVAP leak even if I do get the exhaust connected again which they guy said the whole gas tank might need to be dropped to fix the evap problem (again, rusted bolts nightmare). Only about 75K miles and no major problems besides the rust and runs lean especially in winter. Sin the cheap grade metal they used on this truck. Previous owner had it sitting in a lot unused basically and lots of road salt rusted it. Next truck I am washing salt away and using all types of products. I sprayed $400 worth of rust reformer on this it did nothing but continue to have 1/8" rust flake chip off. It's basically a death trap being sold for parts.

ANYWAY.... My speedometer and odometer stopped working a month ago but I've been driving long enough that I can tell around how fast I'm going. I put off fixing it but did plan on replacing the $15 part before getting whatever I could for this truck sale.

I looked into fixing the Speed Sensor but seems a bit trickier than it might be and put it off again for a few weeks.

NOW I have a leak of antifreeze/coolant. BUT the dash gauge for temperature has always stayed at neutral/OK.

I noticed the radio area was blazing hot a few times and then checked and yes the coolant/antifreeze reservoir is empty. I filled it up a couple weeks ago and radio is hot and reservoir is empty again. No puddle on driveway so I guess it leaks only when driven.

SO, is it safe to say that there's something wrong in the dash wiring hence the speedometer and probably temp gauge are not working? The fuel gauge at least works.

In other words, should I not even bother trying to replace the $15 speed sensor because it's probably an even bigger problem in the dash?

as for the radiator leak, I'll run engine and see drips hopefully an easy fix but hopefully not a line with a metal threaded connector which would most likely be rusted nightmare.
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Old 08-16-2018, 04:20 AM
djfllmn djfllmn is offline
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Default Re: speedometer not working & I think temp gauge

rent a pressure tester for the cooling system, no need to run the engine. It could be a lower intake gaskets, they were famous on the OHV 4.0 for leaking
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Old 08-16-2018, 09:33 PM
rogerranger2122 rogerranger2122 is offline
Liking the Ford Ranger Forum
Join Date: Jul 2016
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Default Re: speedometer not working & I think temp gauge

it's not so much the radiator leak (if so) I'm worried about it. It's if you think I should try just replacing the speed sensor or of you think it's obvious there's something in the dash causing the speedometer (and probably temperature gauge) to not work (which would be more work than it's probably worth since I'm basically salvaging this truck for parts.

There probably IS a radiator leak but temp gauge never showed HOT engine. What felt hot was the dial on the console for turning the heater from red to blue, I just felt it never be that hot, then checked radiator coolant level was empty (engine cooled down) and refilled and few days later the reservoir is empty again. Drove it 2 hours since refilling the 2nd time and level is good but still felt some heat on that particular dial area. Been 95 degrees out too.
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