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Old 10-21-2016, 09:58 AM
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Default 1999 Ranger 2.5L rear light electrical problems


I have a 99 Ranger with lighting problems in both taillight assemblies. This truck has three connectors in each taillight assembly: one for a single filament turn signal (two pins), one for a dual filament brake/park light (three pins), and one for a single filament backup light (two pins).

The problem began wih an intermittent rear "park" light malfunction, where the "park" lights (what I grew up calling taillights but what Ford seems to call Park Lights) would not come on sometimes. That progressed to the rear park lights not working at all.

The next symptom was the signals operating at double speed when I stepped on the brake pedal. Initially, I observed that when activating the brakes with the signals simultaneously, both the brakes and the signals would flash. Running the hazards produced the same result.

And now, running the hazards will light up the upper (middle) stop light. The remaining bulbs flash weakly, unless I open the circuit by removing both brake lights and/or both rear turn signals.

The backup lights do not work.

The only brake light that lights when I step on the pedal is the upper (middle) stop light.

The only rear lights that work properly are the license plate lights.

I crawled under the truck and started by wiggling the 6 pin connector (well, I think it is an 8 pin connector with only 6 pins populated) to see if that would make the lights work. It didn't. Then I noticed that above the connector, there appears to be evidence of splices in the harness. It's hard to get at but it has what look like blue butt splice connectors (not sure how many) all taped up with elecrical tape. It doesn't look like what I would expect from the Ford Factory. And when I look between the tailgate and bumper, I think I can see some electrical tape on part of the harness that goes from the six pin connector over to the passenger side.

I disconnected the rear taillight harness from the harness which heads forward and checked each taillight assembly wire for continuity. I ohmed out each of the pins from the connector on the driver's side under the tailgate to each of the pins on the three connectors in each taillight.

I found that none of the six ground pins (black wires) have continuity (as expected from the behavior above). All six connectors are ungrounded.

I also found that my +12V pins (brown wires) on the "park" lights do not have continuity either.

So, I think I must have a couple of broken wires. The thing is, it seems to be in the section that runs in a small channel above the spare tire well and underneath the bed. And it seems like, with the connectors on the harness larger than the channel opening, there is no easy way to remove the harness from the channel to check and repair the (suspected) damaged section.

I have searched and I can find no description of how to get this section of wire out. I imagine I could cut the connectors off each end and maybe pull the harness through the channel, but I am hopeful somebody else out there has dealt with this harness and can give me some guidance. I don't want to introduce unnecessary splices.

Is that taped up group of splices a factory splice?

Is there a way to easily get at this harness? A difficult way?

This is pretty urgent as I have everything apart and need to get it up and running ASAP, so your help is appreciated.
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Old 10-24-2016, 02:27 AM
BeatUpPick'EmUp BeatUpPick'EmUp is offline
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Default Re: 1999 Ranger 2.5L rear light electrical problems

While I didn't get a response here at this ranger forum... I think the bed needs to be lifted to get full access to the harness in its factory location. Instead of going down that path, I routed a new harness outside its rightful channel, so I'm all set.
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Old 02-17-2017, 06:27 PM
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Default Re: 1999 Ranger 2.5L rear light electrical problems

HI, I realize that it's been a while, but I was wondering where you located a new tail light wiring harness?
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