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Old 05-26-2010, 04:27 PM
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Default How To Request: Swapping stock Fan for Electrical Fan

I would really like to see some info about swapping out stock Fans.

A few friends of mine have suggested to go down to the auto parts store and buy an electrical fan that gets power from the battery, and install a toggle switch to turn it on and off inside the cab.

It is my understanding that the stock fans are run off the main drive belt, and by removing this fan, you reduce the friction on the belt, causing the engine to run more efficiently (better mpg) as well as may have a nominal effect on the horsepower (maybe 1-2hp increase).

I'm just wondering if anyone on here has done this before, and whether my assumptions are correct.

Also what brand of fans would be best?
Who stocks them?
And for how much?

If someone has done this, and it has worked out for you, maybe you could write up a "How-To" for the rest of us.

I do realize that if you did this, you would be isolating the fan from the ignition and it would be possible to run the fan without the truck on, and that could be very draining on a battery. In addition it would be mandatory that you turned the fan on everytime you started your engine, without it you could easily overheat your motor.

So with those precations listed and dangers involved, as long as your a responsible person and remembered to turn it on everytime, and off everytime.

Does this theory hold water?
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Old 05-26-2010, 04:45 PM
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Default Re: How To Request: Swapping stock Fan for Electrical Fan

Some people use fans from the 3.8 Taurus. Maybe cheaper to find one at a junk yard.
2005 Edge

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Old 05-27-2010, 12:37 AM
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Default Re: How To Request: Swapping stock Fan for Electrical Fan

X2 ^.

Additional advantages:
less wear on water pump bearings
quicker warm ups
fan only runs when needed so less noise
lower heat spikes after shut down (fan can be allowed to run for further cooling)

You can buy controllers from Summit, Jegs, etc. so you don't have the fan on a switch. If will turn on/off at preset temps. There are several different types of controllers available. Models that turn on/off at a temp and others that have a variety of features like running the fan after the engine is off for a present time (so it won't drain your battery), have an a/c relay for running the fan while the a/c is on, delays fan start for a short time after the engine is started or turn the fan on at a lower speed and then ramp up if the temp continues to increase (less shock on the electrical system).

If you buy an aftermarket fan you want to check the CFM rate to make sure it can handle your cooling needs. You also want to buy a reliable fan, not just the cheapest you can find (the reason many run the taurus fan, cheap & reliable). I run a flexalite black magic (2800cfm) with a vsc controller (all the above listed features). Never had a problem with cooling when I lived in SoCal/desert areas. Total was about $300. Wish the idea of using Taurus fans had been around 6 years ago when I installed mine, would have saved 200.

**If you're going to off road with a chance of water crossings you'll want to run a cut off switch.
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Old 05-27-2010, 03:29 PM
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Default Re: How To Request: Swapping stock Fan for Electrical Fan

I have had very good luck with my taurus fan. I'll do a how too on it. It's pretty simple to do. The fans are getting hard to find though, alot of hot rodders use them for their big blocks. They have more cfm than most after market fans and are cheap. I just had to install another one, the bearings wore out in the first one, and Found out that the same fan is used in lincolns as well.
2003 Ranger FX4 level II. 3" BL, 33x12.50 GT Radial Mud Claws, Custom front and rear bumpers with winch hookups, custom flatbed, with hi-lift, and full size spare mount, 12,000 lb winch mounted under bed, Electric fan, and of course a flowmaster.
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Old 05-27-2010, 07:56 PM
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Default Re: How To Request: Swapping stock Fan for Electrical Fan

How to for removing the fan:
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