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Old 01-22-2015, 05:09 PM
TomCat08 TomCat08 is offline
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Unhappy Headlight causing ingnition failure...

1990 Ford ranger 2.9L 5speed manual.
My truck was running great until 2 weeks ago, i left my key in the "RUN" position while finishing a phone call, when i went to start the car the engine didnt want to even try and crank, after cleaning off the battery leads and reconnecting still no juice, until i pulled my light switch out to engage the lights then returned to off setting. The truck started right up, this happened another time a week later and again turning the light switch on then off SEEMED to reset something and it started again. As it is cold i start my car in the mornings and let it idle for 5 mins, after these occasions the following week i would start the car, come inside and when i returned the car would be off, so i cranked it and gassed it a few times and was finally able to get it started but while driving the truck was having a tough time accelerating and was generally really jumpy and seemed to be either not getting fuel or power. I was able to get the truck home after what seemed like 1000 attempts to get it started the afternoon after the sputtering started. I got up the next morning and the truck fired right up, a friends battery needed a jump so we proceeded to charge the battery for a few minutes and then we tried starting the other car, after 2 attempts the battery on my truck seemed to go out extremely fast and i could not restart. I took my battery to the auto store they tested and confirmed the battery was totally fine but dead, they charged it and sent me on my way. Heres where the lastest issues start though, i installed the battery and waited a few minutes, upon trying to start the car the engine did not try to crank at all, no noise from the starter at all, and the battery seemed to go dead again after just a few attempts. This time though when i turn the headlights on the dome light turns all the way off and the headlight do not work, when i turn the headlights off the domelight will return back on. Even after chargring the battery all night im still getting no noise or attempt for the started to engage and start trying to start the engine. My dash lights are all very dim and do not immediately all light up when i turn the key to the run position. I checked all the fuses and connections and all seem to be in working order, but the battery keeps discharging very quickly, the headlights will not turn on, and there does not seem to be enough power to start my motor. ANy help on this would be amazing!!! let me know if i missed any details! thanks!!!
Tom C.
1990 Ford Ranger
2.9L 5-Speed Manual
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Old 01-22-2015, 06:01 PM
Rusty 32 Rusty 32 is offline
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Okay grab a voltmeeter and check for a draw at the alternator cable to the battery this had happened lots of time. People never check that cable connection. This will only work if your battery is fully charged or check that cable for draw.
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Old 01-22-2015, 06:22 PM
KenHigg KenHigg is offline
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Default Re: Headlight causing ingnition failure...

I would check for parasitic drain first. Turn everything off and pull either of the battery cables off and put the cables on the voltmeter to check for amps. Then put one lead on the battery terminal and one on the end of the cable you took off. If you see more than a few miliamps you may have a short circuit. If you do then leave the meter hooked up and start pulling one fuse at a time until you see the current reading go really low. This will be the circuit where the issue is. Hope this makes sense...
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battery, head lights, ignition, starter

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