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Old 01-17-2010, 01:45 PM
eric d eric d is offline
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Default clutch repair or bleeding problem


I have a 2001 ranger 2.3 liter 5 speed. Had slave clutch cylinder put in 1 year ago and master clutch cyliner put in 2 months ago. No leakage and was bled by garage that did install and 2 other places. Last place said they gravity , vacuum and manually bled it. Pedal is still soft . Aamco also looked at it and said I needed a new clutch as there were no leaks.

When I pump it the pedal does get better but does not last. pump 1x hold down for 10 seconds then repeat.

My question is how can I check the clutch itself without dropping tranny? Can someone look inside inspection plate on transmission and see if fingers going onto pressure plate are getting worn out? I was told if this is the case it will feel like air in system as it requires more pressure on pedal to engage.

133k miles on truck and I do not want to put a new clutch kit in unless I have to.

thanks in advance
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Old 01-17-2010, 01:56 PM
Fx4wannabe01 Fx4wannabe01 is offline
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There's two members here who could call their trucks "Slave Eaters"......myself being one of them. It's most likely the slave again. Poor Design and can go just about any minute....ticking time bomb.

At 133k, it may be best to replace that stock clutch anyway. And whenever a new p-plate is installed, it's suggested to replace the slave as well. If an old slave is left in there but a new p-plate is in there, the slave may fail because of all the new found force it's gonna put onto the new tight p-plate.
'01 XLT disguised as a '03 Fx4 Level II.
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Old 01-19-2010, 06:46 AM
hammer99gt hammer99gt is offline
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I am going to put my question in here with this thread. I have a 93 2.3 that is my winter beater. I just replaced the tranny due to the other one losing reverse. I also put in a new clutch. I bled the clutch but the pedal still has almost no pressure and goes right to the floor. It was no where near perfect before the replacement but it disengaged the clutch. I have it rigged up so that the pedal can be pushed in all the way without hitting the floor and I am getting enough disengagment to shift but it feels like that is starting to not work because I had to fight to get it in reverse last night. My question how do i check and tell if it is the slave or the master cylinder going bad.

I don't want to pull the trans again if it is the master but I don't want to just replace the master to find out that I wasted money on a part and still have to pull the trans. I see that most people say to replace teh slave on a clutch change wish I would have seen that before i put it all back in.
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