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Old 01-02-2010, 03:07 PM
RangerWilletts RangerWilletts is offline
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Thumbs down '97 Parking Brake Replacement

Ok so here we go... A few weeks ago I rolled into my driveway and set teh parking brake when it immeadiatly snapped the cable. Ordered replacement cable, went to put it in and stopped on the way and bought a repair guide. After several hours of grunting and cussing, I was able to remove the old one and installed the new one. The length appeared to be ok within comparisson to the broken one, but upon installation, I cant quite get the tension up. The repair manual says to "put a 5/32 drill bit or a strong piece of wire in the parking brake lockout hole (on parking brake control) prior to removing tension from brake line. Since the line snapped it had already released the tension on the line. The line doesnt have enough tension to engage the brake or hold the cable down into the guides on parking brake control. Does anyone have any idea on what to do next. I would be more than happy to up load a how to with photos, if I can get this solved. Also I would like to be able to park my truck without the fear of it rolling out of the driveway (it is a manual and I have a pitched driveway which almost overtakes the pressure when it is left in gear)
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Old 03-23-2010, 08:47 AM
golfguru2009 golfguru2009 is offline
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Default Re: '97 Parking Brake Replacement

I do not have any answers to the tensioning on the parking brake. However, I was curious as to how hard it was to replace the cables? My parking brake snapped almost in the middle where the cables come together and it looks like I need to replace one of the rear cables. I am somewhat handy, but do not have any jack stands to put my truck up on. Would I need these, do I need to take the tire off to get to the parking break at the rear? Any help or suggestions would be great. Or if you have any pictures or links to pictures or diagrams, that would be great as well.

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Old 04-17-2010, 07:00 PM
RangerWilletts RangerWilletts is offline
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Default Re: '97 Parking Brake Replacement

My cable that broke was the front cable from the pedal. I didn't have to replace the cables going to teh tires, as it is actually one cable from the pedal, through the firewall, to a clip tying that to the two going back to the tires. I am afraid that I cannot help with the rear cable replacement as my are still OEM parts, and have not been changed,. This is the procedure as described in my Haynes Manual.


Step 1: this procedure requires a steel pen to be inserted in the parking brake control. Use a 5/32 inch drill bit or fabricate the pin from a piece of stiff wire making a Loop and one in. So you can pull up and out when you're done with it. You will also need an assistant to pull the parking brake cable while you insert the pen.

2. Release the parking brake.

3. Locate the lockout pinhole in the parking brake.

4. Have an assistant working beneath the vehicle pulle the front parking brake cable toward the back of the truck. Insert the pin into the hole in the parking brake control assembly. Then have your assistant let go of the cable.

5. To reset cable tension, removed the pin and operate the parking brake petal several times.

front cable

6. release cable tension as described in steps one through four

7. raise the vehicle support is securely on jack stands disconnect the rear end of the front cable from the parking brake rear cable.

8. from inside the vehicle disconnected cable from the pedal assembly

9.detach the cable from the mounting bracket on the frame. Remove the cable to frame bolt if equipped and take the cable out.

10. Installation is the reverse of the removal steps. But he sure the retainer fingers on the font cable secure it to the front mounting bracket.

11. After installation reset cable tension as described in step five.

rear cable

12. Release cable tension as described in steps one through four.

13. Raise the vehicle support it securely with jack stands remove the hubcap, the wheel, tire and the brake drum.

14.. Disconnect the front cable from the rear cable.

15. Disconnect the end of right rear cable from the equalizer, then slipped the cable out of the bracket.

16. On the wheel side of the backing plate, press the retainer fingers. So that the retainer passes through the hole and the backing plate.

17. Lift cables out of the slot in the parking brake lever attached to the secondary brake shoe and remove the cable through the backing plates hole.

18. Installation is the reverse of removal.

19. After installation reset cable tension, as described in step five.

As I said no pictures available to stand from the book and I have not done that part myself, but that's everything you asked for parking cable replacements. I hope this helps sorry for spelling errors I had to use Dragon speak to type all of this into my post.

Thank you,

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