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Old 07-23-2010, 11:29 PM
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Default Rpm's jump 300 with each shift. Why? A4LD auto

a4ld auto on 93 explorer, ive looked for this everywhere and cant get an answer,i think the rebuilt shop drilled a hole in the bore. what do i do? there is low throttle pressure,delay 1st,

as the lifelong owner,the tranny has been great,even the new one i put in 2005 was great. with each shift i noticed a very small "bump" when it shifted to the next gear.

then i had the tranny rebuilt(long story)

and the moment i drove off the lot , each shift no longer "bumps" , i notice the rpm's wil increase about 200-300 for about 2 seconds,then go back down once the shift is completed. it does this ,1-2, 2-3,3-4...while holding the accelerator steady,the rpms will slightly jump on its own when the shift occurs. so at 15mph i feel/see a slight rpm boost,then the rpms fall down to what it was before, also at 25,40.....same thing.

i also notice a small hestitation when i gun it from 0

my gut feeling is low pressure. just from talking to a couple of guys they think low pressure also,the tranny company that rebuilt it somehow put low pressure in it, either by drilling a hole,poor pump,poor vacuum mod,poor shift kit,or wrong fluid. im not sure which of these

they said thats normal,and the shift kit....but isnt a shift kit supposed to make it firm? btw, these guys are cons so i cant go back there,plus the warranty is over, i had it checked at 2 other places and the soleniods are fine and they all want me to drop the tranny and pay hundreds just so they can look at it

there is no check engine light, ive been driving this way for 1 year no problems, but im wondering what is this condition called? and will it cause engine/tranny damage? and can it be fixed?

after this rebuilt the truck has alot less power accelerating...they told me they were doing something to it to make sure i never blow clutches..i cant remember what they said,it was something about a hole,valve body,clutch kit

it rides like crap since then

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