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Old 08-06-2018, 12:17 PM
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Default Hard Shift to 2nd and Flashing OD/Off Light

Hello All,

Awesome resources!!! Reviewing / Searching seems to indicate a handful of likely issues with my Ranger...

Some symptoms that just started with my 2000 XLT 3.0 Extended Cab 2WD last Tuesday evening: a hard shift to second, and flashing OD/Off light. Shut it off and started it up again a few times so far, and though the shifting is always an issue, the OD/Off light doesn't start flashing for several minutes. Once the flashing starts, I start out in 2nd or 3rd.

Researching the web and here seems to indicate the sensors, a seal (valve-body), or the shift solenoid are the most likely culprits short of real ($$$) problems. This truck has had a LONG-LIFE and is at 224K miles (I bought it with 28K miles in 2001), but I hoped to coax out another year and a half out of it until I finish graduate school. I do 2,500 local miles (<50 mile radius) or less a year now, so I'm looking for a good band-aid or cheap legit fix.

I last checked the transmission fluid several hundred miles ago and have seen no drips. It was perfect then.

The fluid and filter were done YEARS ago (around 100K) with a flush, which was a proactive choice. The mechanic said he wouldn't have recommended it, but that it ended up being the RIGHT THING after doing it... The fluid and filter may have been done once since, but it would have been before it reached 160K miles in 2007-2008. With 23K total miles since early 2013 and <1,500 in the last 12 months, it doesn't get much use anymore.

I've had ZERO time to look at it since Tuesday, and I'd love advice on the order of attack. Presuming the fluid is still clean and not burnt, I'll start replacing parts to see if I find the solution.

Suggestions / Opinions?

Thanks in advance.
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Old 08-06-2018, 12:33 PM
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Default Re: Hard Shift to 2nd and Flashing OD/Off Light

take it to a trans shop and have them pull the code, the OD light flashing means there is a code stored and the transmission is in limp mode

or you could just load the parts cannon and hope you eventually replace the right part
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Old 08-11-2018, 01:44 PM
Kevster Kevster is offline
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Default Re: Hard Shift to 2nd and Flashing OD/Off Light

I haven't been to the shop yet to get the code(s), but I have checked the fluid and driven it some to verify the symptoms. FYI: the fluid level is perfect, smells normal, and shows no signs of burning or particles on the stick...

I understand the flashing OD/Off light and being stuck in third gear to be the "limp home" mode. However, the truck seems fine at start-up. The shift from first to second is a real problem. I've accelerated to about 25 - 30 and then feather off the gas to get it to shift (and without the violence I've had trying to accelerate normally). After that, it shifts fine through the rest of the gears.

After 5 - 10 minutes, the OD/Off light starts flashing and third gear is the only option.... LIMP MODE.

So, my first guess is it is likely the shift solenoid. Does that sound reasonable, or any other likely candidates with those symptoms?

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