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Old 03-22-2018, 02:47 PM
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Default SUBWOOFER position

ok so downward facing Sub or Upward facing Sub. is one better tehn the other?
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Old 03-22-2018, 05:05 PM
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Default Re: SUBWOOFER position

lots of factors involved, size of the sub, mounting depth of the sub, sealed or ported enclosure design and overall desired goals of your system.

Myself i have a 15" designed for a sealed enclosure.

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Old 03-23-2018, 12:06 AM
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Default Re: SUBWOOFER position

Originally Posted by rangermike30 View Post
ok so downward facing Sub or Upward facing Sub. is one better tehn the other?
Its a NON-directional sound.. ideally what separates the two you describe is a downward facing sub usually has factored in the distance of the opposing surface; lets say the floorboard in your truck and actually uses that surface to project the sound in a specific direction much like what you would see in a "bandpass configuration" The difference being really is easier access to the speakers for servicing needs and weight in some cases.

Ideally there are 11 orders of enclosure designs starting with;
- simple baffle as a 1st order
- sealed box as 2nd order
- ported box as a 3rd order

In explanation every chamber, port, speaker whole counts as an order. so i.g. a two chambered enclosure with a speaker hole between the two chambers and only a port/vent in one chamber is a 4th order. Add a port/vent to the other chamber, you now have a 5th order.

A 6th order is 2 chambers with the one chamber ported into the other chamber and then that chamber receives a tuned port/vent.

We havent even gotten into Isobaric loaded speaker configurations in clam shell or push-pull yet...

You start looking up all the google image orders of enclosures and you'll see some rather interesting and very creative designs. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages with regards to power handling, audible or movement of bass, excursion, air movement, SPL, or Sound Q(uality) attributes.

If you're looking for power handling specific speakers in past like the Solarbaric subs from Kicker (Stillwater designs) would allow you to sink a 10" sub in a .50 cu ft box which isnt much bigger than the box it comes in, and it has an easy 600-800watt handling easy as a sealed box.

Generally sealed boxes offer better Sound Q, Ported or bandpass offer SPL and then the mix of specific drivers (speakers), there sizes, and the matched enclosures you can achieve different results.

Been there done that with multiples of different speakers, different vehicles of course, mostly hatchbacks. Went from a single 8" to > a pr of 8's and a 15" > Pair of 12's > 8 10's in four 8th order enclosures [built as a single wall] > triple 10's > a single 15" > single 12" > a single 10" bandpass forever and a day > Single 10 truck box > and now.. I'm back to a single 8" in a down firing configuration in a 19-layer sealed and waveless enclosure with a pair of 7" midbass drivers waiting to go into the doors, a pair of 3.5" mids and 1" tweets in the kick panels. 740w total power.. done.

I likely wont change it the configuration from that.. I hope

All in all you can mount the sub in any direction and it will change the sound and timing. Further playing with different enclosure designs, reverse polarity - whether physically or signal, speaker brand, signal quality, amplifier type [MOSFET/Tube], and cables will ALL affect the sound and your "ear" will tell you what you like. Everyone hear's something different.

A lot of info in there, some may have made it more confusing and I apologize but myself and a BUNCH of others into the audio aspects could all probably take turns spending days explaining experiences with you if given the time.

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