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Default Re: running much too rich.chasing problem all the way to the PCM

ok, im running again. i took the pmc out.BTW, to all bad guessers in all the forums,and to all the wanna-be mechanics inthe parts stores, the pmc is located outboard and aft of the firewall on the drivers side and against the fender well. only the end of it is visable(like a radio face).goobers all over the country had me looking under the dash,behind kick panels,behind the glovebox,under the seats and anywhere else they could dream up. anyway. . . i found a burnt capcitor on the circuitboard of the pmc.actually a connection had corroded,another capacitor,a little solder,some strong magnifying eyeglasses,and i was back on the road.thanks for the suggestions and i can get back to the ''important stuff''... fixing the power steering on my '62 massey ferguson model 65 tractor.the guys at ''yesterdays metal'' will help me with that. see ya!
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