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Default Re: what just happened to my truck???

Originally Posted by chugalugz View Post
About three hours ago I was cruising down the freeway. Then, I heard a loud bang. Saw some white smoke and started loosing power. I pulled off the road and noticed that I had lost all oil pressure. All the oil had leaked out onto the ground. It looked like all the oil had leaked out through the edges of the oil pan. Is this a "blown engine"??? or maybe something else. What do you guys think? It's 2003 ranger edge 4.0, manual transmision with 130,000 miles.

sounds blown to me , the white smoke is coolant in the combustion chamber and exiting through the exhaust . you may have dropped to much oil causing a connecting rod bearing to seize and stop . there by causing the connecting rod to snap ,putting a hole in the water jacket
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