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Default Hey from Chitown

hey all my name is keith im from channahon il, 45 min sw of chicago on RT66

as far as rangers go i have a 2006 XLT Standard Cab 3.0L 5speed auto lowered 2/3, Roush Swaybars front&back, 17" American Racing Torque thrust, the originals. ive also got a set of 18" black Bullitt rims that i swap on it from time to time.

working on putting cobra 13" brakes on the front, and some cobra disc's on the back.

future plans include, doing something with the stereo, ive got a kenwood headunit, but the rest is stock. This fall/winter ill be putting together a new engine, morana 3.3 stroker, ported heads higher compression ported heads the whole nine yards. going to try to keep it on pump gas. will see how it works out.

here is a pic of it in my shop.

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