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Default Re: Do any "Frameless Wipers" lay flat on Ranger windshield?

Originally Posted by FireRanger View Post
No. I have tried EVERY MAKE/MODEL windshield wiper out there. From cheapo to fancy and expensive including the frameless ones. It must just be the shape of Ranger windshields. The only ones that don't suck are the standard cheapo $5 framed POS cheap wiper blades. All the other ones suck.

I have tested this over and over with many many trips from CT to Vermont in rain, blizzards, ice storms, fog, and mud slides. The cheap junk wiper blades are the only ones that work.

Thanks for the reply! Those cheapie ones really do work pretty good, I agree; they're just more flexible. I might go back to them if I keep having bad luck with the new styled ones.
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