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Originally Posted by machine
this is a fucking conspiracy. I know fucking more than all the mods here combined. been driving longer than all of them, too, owned more rangers and other vehices than they have.
I fought in and received the combat action ribbon, bqck in 1988 when many of the mods were not even born.
You don't fucking take your truck to the "newest, youngest mechanic in the shop, you take it to the oldest, most trusted, reliable, been on the job for 25 years, mechanic.
some mods becaome mods the day they started here, and i guarrantee that TOM didn't know them or their personality.
Bitter? yes, I am because I am sick of being passed over by some kid who has less than 1000 posts and hasn't driven more than 4 years and became a member in 2011.
worst of all, the owners of the Ranger sites will not discose how a mod is chosen, as if it's some big fucking gangster mafia type thing
Calm down terry. Calm

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