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Default Re: What did you do to your ranger today thread

Well, I planned to wax it, but the weather went crazy and didn't cooperate:

I decided to just wax the tailgate in my garage, instead, to see how well my new RO buffer and gold class liquid wax worked. I want something to hide the swirls, but it's really not worth polishing the truck with how much bush pinstriping I get, I'd be cutting my clearcoat down every month and ruin my paint trying to do that.

Anyhow, I started off with a clean, washed and clayed but very swirly tailgate:

Then I taped everything off and applied the wax thinly with the buffer:
(Detailing people, does this look thin enough?)

And buffed it off to this:

The 50/50 pictures didn't turn out, my camera wouldn't show the difference in reflection (though it was very noticeable to my eyes). I used the harshest lighting I could (1500W of overhead halogen), and I could see a real difference, plus now the water beads off like it should.
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