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Default P0301 Code-misfire

What's up guys!..

Ok, so i'm working on my friends 2.5 liter 1999 Ranger, about 3 months ago I replaced the fuel pump and has been working flawlessly, now he calls me up saying there's really rough idle and shaking when driving and hes Engine light is on... I have a code reader and came back as p0301-misfire cylinder 1.

I bought and replaced all (8) spark plugs and wires, NOT the coil packs though. When I took out cylinder 1 spark plugs, I could see and smell fuel on them,the other plugs where normal.

What does the fuel on the spark plug tell you? I'm guessing its a faulty injector that's just stuck open?..not sure.

Also after replacing plugs and wires with no change in roughness, I pulled the wires off the coil packs to just see if there were sparks..cylinders 2,3,4 all had spark coming from coil pack to wire, but cylinder 1 had no spark..on both coil packs. So what is going on here? I switch the coil packs around to see if that makes a difference, nothing.

Why is there spark from the coil pack to plug wires to cylinders 234, but non from 1? Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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