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Default Re: Rear diff fill plug is rusted and stripped...

Yeah right after I posted that I went to the mechanic that was right up the street. He said he could do it so I drove my truck with no diff fluid like a block and the dude popped it out in like 2 seconds. And yes I should have checked the plug first. But it was my first time doing it and since I used royal purp synth I'll never have to do it on that truck again. but thanks everyone for the help. I'll post later on how well the Royal Purp works in my rear diff. I drove it around the block right after the whole process was done and I'd have to say I felt an immediate difference but I'll go into more detail as I drive it more.
2003 Ranger XLT FX4 4.0 A/T with flared wheel wells. It's a beast!!! lol
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