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Default Re: Rear diff fill plug is rusted and stripped...

Yah , the plug was boogered on the 94 when I went to check it. I learned this trick from Allen heads. Take a ball peen hammer and hit the plug dead on, until the 3/8 drive has to be pounded into the plug. The hammer moves the metal into the hole . Driving the extension into the hole puts the metal back where it belongs. The hammer blows also loosen the plug a bit. I'm glad I took the time, both diffs were low. The diffs are open so, so I topped off them off with 80w90. I used 2 qts for both of them. so they were worth checking. I am 1 for 3 with EZ outs. On top of having a stuck bolt to deal with, now you have a sheared EZ out . They are no fun.
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