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Default Re: P0172 & P0175 Please HELP!!!

Ok! Well I fixed the problem. I went to O'reileys and got a print out of the two codes. At the bottom it gave me what the problems might be. Some of them were only if P0172 & P0175 were present together: engine coolant thermostat, PCM ground wiring, Fule pressure regulator, Fuel Rail/Pressure Damper, & MAF sensor. I narrowed it down to two. The PCM ground wiring or the fuel rail damper. It turned out to be the Damper. I was having trouble with starting every once in a blue moon. After a year it began to get a lot worse. I replaced the starter, fuel pump, plugs wires, ignition coil, throttle sensor, IAC valve, coolant temp sensor, fuel filter, and the fuel injectors. It all came down to the Fuel Rail pressure damper!!!!! Heads up fellas!
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