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Default Re: air intake making popping noise?

Originally Posted by blakeK2 View Post
Compressor engages. Motor lugs down. Rpms plummeted. Compress disengages motor goes back to idle.

Mine will shake enough that it's visible by spectators. Mine only does that when I either just did the hill climb or 65+ freeway driving.
This. When the engine is idling and the compressor engages it takes the rpms down rapidly and can make it shake a little. When mine engages, the engine goes down to 4-500 then back to idle all within a few seconds but you can hear the whirring of the compressor. When it turns off the engine goes over idle a little then back down to idle again. The power needed for the compressor lowers RPM's while the engine is trying to make up for it. So it will pop, rpms go down and then rise back to idle again.
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