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Default Re: If you have an 01+ 4.0 with lean codes (PO171 and/or PO174) look here!

Great info. I have the exact problem as you. One exception is my truck is a 1999. Another is the surging when I stop and even surging that I can notice when my speed is under 45 mph. Another is the ac quits blowing out the vents when I accelerate but will come out the vent as it should when I run at a constant higher speed 6o to 65 mph or so.
I changed out the vaucum hubs with manual and plugged the vacum line to each hub. I've double checked the plugged lines and they seem to be sealed. There should be a place closer to the vacum source to plug the vacum to the front hubs.
Now the wierd part. My mpg went to 12-13 mpg with the common 300,301,171,174 codes. I washed the engine and the mpg went to 17.8 but the surging remained. The check engine light does not come on as much and the codes have been mainly 300,301.
If it matters my Ranger is 1999,4x4,4.0,auto
Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks Chuck
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