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Default Gen 2 "Little Big-Foot" build

Hey everybody! I haven't been on here in a long time due to being busy and other things going on. I own a 1990 Ford Ranger 4x4 Super cab with a 4.0 OHV w/ auto trans. 4" body rise, 2" suspension lift, 31" tires, 15" American Racing rims. I am slowly tearing the truck down to rebuild it and get it back on the road. It was a deer-lease truck from 2002 until I bought it September 2011. Has only 2 bad rust spots. Ok. Enough with the talking. Now for the pics. want more info? just comment below. And if you want more pics, just let me know, I can get them. I don not have the pics of the when I replaced the radiator, alternator, and a few other things.

The day I bought it for $650

Got it back home. This is where it is still sitting.

The stock 4.0 that I will eventually replace with a 4bt Cummins.

Rust on the lip of the hood.

The old exhaust that I took out of the truck.

Skid plate that was a P.I.T.A to get down.

How the truck sits now. April 26, 2012

My new exhaust that I ordered.


Got some new tires for free from my dads friend. only going to use 2 though. one will probably be the spare if not both.

How the truck is sitting now. April 29, 2012
1990 Ford Ranger Ext. Cab | 4.0. automatic | 3" body-rise | 2" suspension lift | 31" tires w/ 15" American Racing rims

Pushing my luck... Not my truck

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