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Default How To: Foglight mod 2004 - 2006

What does it do: as with most vehicles the Ranger's fog lights will shut off when you turn on your high beams. This mod disables that feature so that your fog lights will stay on with the high beams.

Tools/Equipment needed:
• wire cutters
• a Phillips head screwdriver
• pliers
• a scotch lock, or the splicing method of your choice
• electrical tape
• wire stripper/splicer

Step 1:
Remove the front screw holding down the door sill trim piece
After 2004 they did not screw them down anymore. So you wont need to remove the sill piece.

Step 2:
Remove the access hatch on the passenger side kick panel. Then firmly grab the other piece and pull it out. There is a push pin holding it on.

Step 3:
This is where for moved the smart junction box from 2004+
There are 3 connectors there. You only want to focus on the top 2

22 pin connector and the 29 pin connector.

Step 4:
In the harness coming out of the 29 pin connector, find the brown with white wire. Pull it out from the other wires.

Step 5:
Next locate the Orange/light green wire in the 22 pin connector.

Step 6:
Cut the wire far enough from the connector that you could splice it back together if you wanted to reverse this mod in the future, but far enough down from where they all bundle together that you can reach it over to the brown/white wire to splice them together

Step 7:
Now splice orange/green wire from the 22 pin into the brown/white wire at the 29 pin

Step 8:
Use electrical tape to tape off the remaining wire to prevent it from shorting against any exposed contacts and potentially blowing a fuse or damaging electrical components.

Step 9:
Now turn the truck on and turn your headlight on low beam with foglights. Check to make sure everything is working.

Now flip the high beams and verify the fogs are still on

Step 10:
Put the access panel back on and your finished
2005 Edge

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