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Default Howdy

My name is Tony and I drive a 2002 2.3 liter Ford ranger.
I've enjoyed the truck to date and have had no major problem.
I joined the forum to receive help on a problem I'm having with my temp gauge.

My truck has 166,000 plus miles on it and recently it just started overheating, it doesn't do it all the time just every so often. The temp gauge will "peg to red" and the check gauge lite will come on. I will slow down and the temp gauge will drop back to normal and everthing will be alright for the next couple of days.
I checked on the price of a new thermostat for my truck and it comes in a $160 for the complete unit.
Does anyone have an idea why this might be happening and do I really need to replace the thermostat? I read on the internet the wire might be fried on the thermostat.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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