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Originally Posted by Mark98xlt View Post
I know Im seen as a sarcastic ******* from time to time and can not be friendly, but its sad to see rf go down the drain.

I dont post much anymore since im not into rangers as much as I used to be and working 65 hour weeks but glad to say i feel comfortable here but hate watching what I have to say to a certain extent or seeing posts deleted which makes me miss the old rf.

But I can understand you want to keep the forum going good so I can hold that against the mods.

Rf will slowly dissolve since rick has taken over sad to say what once a great forum and group of people, either they got pissed off and never found out about frf or sold trucks for 150's or migrated over here or other ranger forums.
R/F is doing great now. You can give 30 dollars a year of your hard earned money for a little banner under your name. Other than that u get nothing and Rick continues to be wealthy.

The best part about it. It auto renews so you never have to worry about it.
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