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Default Re: **Official Hunting & Fishing Thread**

Originally Posted by albert flasher View Post
Any Trout/Salmon Fly Fishermen out there?
Is there a fishing thread going?
I fly fish for Bass.
Originally Posted by HazardousRanger View Post
im a trout fly fisherman but im not the best at it! lol there is a fishing thread going but its mostly bass from dixieboysles lol lemme see if i can find it


here it is *** the official fishing thread***
Didnt know there was a fishing thread lol oops

Originally Posted by BELTFEDMGS View Post
All i hunt for is mushrooms. Fall and spring here in MO. My 3 daughters all hunt deer, squirrel, turkey, rabbit you name it Plus they fish, gig, trap and any other means of killin a animal. I dont have to kill anything anymore and my freezers are full of meat. I got burnt out on it, killed more critters by 30 then most ever will.
Thats cool. I did some mushroom hunting last year.
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