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Default Re: **Official Hunting & Fishing Thread**

i hunt deer (but havnt killed any yet)

i mostly hunt ducks, geese, dove and snipe, ill post the pictures of last winter seasons results, wasnt the best season but the snipe hunting was great! cant wait for first dove season sept 1st!


lots of my hunting pics in here


idr where i posted all the pics, ill have to find them later but here are a few


Originally Posted by HazardousRanger View Post
bacon wrapped dove and snipe (with toothpicks in to identify them) covered in cayenne pepper
served with spicy chili

i dont use toothpicks most of the time because the bacon forms to the breast when grilling and i dont have to deal with picking them out




i got my first duck ever (geese dont count haha) and then 2 doves


(all copy and pasted from other threads)


Originally Posted by FX4ever View Post that size the meat isnt so great..pretty old fish. Lived a good life!


One of my co-workers got a small doe in the fall and brought in some jerky and it was the most amazing that ive ever had!
a friend gave me some geese jerky...that stuff was AMAZING!!!!


sometimes i only went hunting for an hour so all i got was 1 or 2 sometimes i got upwards of 8 in a few hours. hard to shoot when you dont want the birds to land in the water! no hunting dog i get a kayak from a house (grandmas house) a mile away if i kill a goose or a duck over water

my hunting area, grandpa got rid of most of the willows so i make do with making my own blinds out of reeds or other stuff

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