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Default **Official Hunting & Fishing Thread**

Was putting together my new rod and reel combo and thought to myself that a thread just for hunting and fishing would be interesting, since I know that a lot of people on here enjoy these hobbies. Seems like good timing since fishing time is coming around for most of us and turkey season will be coming up soon.

Feel free to share a little info about yourself, hunting/fishing stories and of course pics.

*Please no badmouthing hunting or fishing. This thread is merely for people with similar interests. If you don't agree or have issues. Please move on and refrain from posting to avoid conflict. Thanks.


A little bit about me. I'll soon be 19, and I live in Kentucky. I hunt turkey, deer and squirrel mostly. Trying to get into some rabbit, dove and waterfowl and trapping if I have time. Fish all the time, mostly bass, pan fish and catfish. Trying to get more into musky and trout as well. I have also began frog gigging in the last year.
I dont have many pics, but here are a few I've took over the last couple years.

Spring Season 2010- 10" Beard, 1 1/4" Spurs

Fall 2010- About 22" (not big, but I like the pic)

Last Summer

4 lbs.

Around 19" long
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