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Default Door dont unlock!

I was working on the pickup fixing some other things so I thought I'd try to fix the door lock on the passenger side. I tried to unlock the door a few times when I first got the pickup but it wouldn't unlock. I figured that the previous owner must have done something and messed it up.

Anyway, I took the door panel off the inside of the door, cut the plastic so I could get inside the door and started looking at the lock. I happen to put my hand on the inside edge of the door where the latch is and noticed this black lever. I started fiddling with it as I was looking inside the door and noticed that this black thing was a clip that holds the lock in place!

I didn't need to remove the door panel at all! Just pull the black clip on the inside edge of the door by the latch!

Anyway, I put the door back together, pulled the lock out of the door and stuck my key in the lock to hold the lock still while I mess with the lock to see whats up. I wiggled it and the damn key turned!

All I needed to do was spray so WD-40 in the lock and it would have been fixed. Instead I took the door apart and cut the plastic and cut my hand and wasted a lot of time.

So if your having problems with your door not unlocking with the key, spray it with WB-40 first!
Also if your dome light don't work as it should spray WD-40 in the door latch and slam the door over and over!

If you need to pull the lock out of the door, don't take the door apart!

Hope this helps someone else as it would have helped me if I could have read what I posted before I took my door apart!
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