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Default Gold trucks post you pics

ok so my real reason for starting this thread is because i recently got my truck and although i dont have a whole lot of money right now i am interested in mods.... well i have browsed around havent seen many pics of gold trucks modified sooooo.... Post pics of your gold trucks and list any mods you have done to it!!!

Heres a pic of my truck, i dont have many other pics yet, the weather has been crap so i havent got around to taking many....

currently the only mod i have done is a new stereo (no new speakers yet) and i am driving around with the toneau cover off right now because i was hauling something large and i have a bunch of 2x4's in the back for weight

In the future i think i would really want a 3" body lift and bigger tires and i wanna see what else would look good so post your pics
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