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Originally Posted by richarddhoward View Post
Lol my buddy had that happen to his Toyota, the guy didn't see the blood hound/blue heeler mix in the back. We were at college and the dog latched on. We heard screaming and ran out. Lol the neighbors had already called the cops. He got 3 years, he had a car full of stolen property.

And they don't just break windows to get in. I have a buddy that can use a slim jim and get in in under 5 seconds. Any car I've seen him try "pop" he's in. He can also use a screwdriver and get in a lot of em. They have shaved keys too that work.

see why are people so stupid where they think a dog wont do anything to them??? its crazy. i take my dog with me whereever i go cause if they can get in they wont be getting out!!!!
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