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Originally Posted by bigcountry View Post
ive had two ford truck the first one someone broke out my passenger side window on my 97 f150 i had a 300$ stero a pair of about 150 to 200$ costa del mar sunglasses and a stack of cds and my 80$ strobes on the windshiled and all they took was my fiances 20$ purse!!!!!! the second time was in my 2007 ranger when my dog was in it and my window was almost all the way down cause in my mind who in the hell is gonna tocuh a truck with about a 60 pound american staffordshire terrier and the dumb fool reached in to unlock the door and my dog clamped down on his hand and wouldnt let go i run outside of the grocery store to see a black man screaming because my 60 pound dog had his hand and wouldnt let go!!! he was threatning me to take me to court and have my dog put down. the cops where askin him why he had his hand in my truck and he said he droped somethin in it and was going to get it out and the cop just laughed and called BS. why would you stick your hand in a truck with a dog who is growling,showing his teeth and foaming at the mouth daring you to stick your hand in the truck??? well after an hour of giving my report along with everyone else who saw it happen and saw me get out of my truck and saw him walk over to it. well the man needed 60 stitches in his hand and went to jail for about 4 to 6 months!!!!! best thing to keep out of your truck a 60 pound american staffordshire terrier!!!!!
Lol my buddy had that happen to his Toyota, the guy didn't see the blood hound/blue heeler mix in the back. We were at college and the dog latched on. We heard screaming and ran out. Lol the neighbors had already called the cops. He got 3 years, he had a car full of stolen property.

And they don't just break windows to get in. I have a buddy that can use a slim jim and get in in under 5 seconds. Any car I've seen him try "pop" he's in. He can also use a screwdriver and get in a lot of em. They have shaved keys too that work.
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I think Henry just shit himself
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Its kind of like that carnival game "Whack A Mole" but with guns! Haha
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