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Default Re: 1996 3.0 Cooling system part question (with pic)

one is the coolant temperature sender and the other is coolant temperature senser
oreillys master pro 2-9371.
They list it as sensor/sender
my connectors are the same in my truck for both, so that leads me to believe that the same one can do both.
why 2 different temp sensor/sender dont know?
Im picking up a second one for my truck since i behaeded the one that attached to a connector hose outlet. and i lost the one that connects to the lower intake itself.
great fun

well on second look they do have same connectors but the one that attached to the lower intake body is the WT724 from oreillys.
the other on is the WT3058 and it attaches to the oulet conmnector attached to a hose
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