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Originally Posted by 4.0Joe View Post
Can't you weld the seats to the mounting brackets?
Yes, I guess I could if I wanted to sit with a constant "gansta lean". Actually no, that will not work. I only have two seat tracks that are the right configuration for my truck. One for the driverís side, and one for the passenger side.

The latest idea that Iím looking at is to build a frame from 1/2" square tubing that will mount to the two existing seat tracks. Then using 1 1/2 flat steel, make mounting points to that frame for the ZX2 seats. I'll remove the ZX2 seat tracks from the seat frames and then bolt the ZX2 seats to the newly constructed frame. This would allow for a console/armrest between the seats. All will move as one unit that way.

If it works out, Iíll post pics for those with the same dilemma.
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