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Default Shouldn't EGR vac solenoid seal against vacuum?

Been chasing a vacuum leak, vacuum is steady but 2+ pounds low in most situations.
Checking anything and everything that has vacuum to/thru it.

Found one - the plastic fitting going into the brake booster had a crack in it.
Was able to suck air thru the crack quite easily when sealing the other end
with my finger, and that's on probly the biggest vacuum line from the engine.

Haven't run it yet to see if it makes any diff on the vacuum gauge.

When I checked the EGR vacuum solenoid I found I was able to suck air
thru it fairly easily from the nipple that hooks to engine vacuum. When I
blow thru that nipple I can hear the solenoid valve inside unseat and I can
blow thru it easily.

Does that valve seal when voltage is applied, or do I have a leaker that needs
to be replaced?

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